XAVI PASCUAL Master coach in Barcelona 

Xavi Pascual has been the head coach in Barcelona since February 2009. 


As a first-team coach he has won everything there is to win!


He has a huge passion for his work and very motivated to develop young talents.


Read more about Xavi Pascual´s history.





This video series will give a detailed presentation of Xavi Pascual’s Handball Methodology which is firmly established in the Handball Club system in Barcelona – from youth to professional teams. 

Xavi Pascual uniquely explains his theory in different languages with the use of 2D diagrams that are further demonstrated using various training videos.  This makes it easier for coaches to understand the objectives of the exercises and how they are connected to each other for proper progression.

With this system, the exercises may be used for teams of different age groups, gender, and level. As a coach, you will be able to:


- Understand the methodology used by Xavi Pascual in Barcelona and

   apply it to your teams

- Learn directly from one of the best coaches in the world

- Creat variable and interesting exercises for your daily training  

- Ask questions directly from Xavi Pascual


The first part of the education has been recorded with Danish youth players in Barcelona.